What is Yogventures?

Yogventures is an upcoming ‘indie’ sandbox game made by Winterkewl Games LLC in partnership with YouTube/Internet celebrity group “The Yogscast”. There was a public Kickstarter event (link below) which raised over $400,000 for development of the game. According to the Yogscast the game will be available for download sometime in Q3 (around the end of summer) 2012.

Yogventures Concept Art

Yogventures Concept Art

The game is in the Minecraft genre (although not ‘blocky’), allowing you to create and shape worlds as you see fit. It is designed first and foremost as a multiplayer sandbox experience. Quoting the Kickstarter page:

“We’re going to take the idea of “build your own adventure” to the extreme. Yogventures will provide simple-to-use tools to design worlds that match your imagination and are packed with thrilling stories and epic treasures.”

Basically the idea is that you are in control of everything, from NPCs and mobs to the layout of the terrain. They want to build the “ultimate modders game”, so you’re encouraged to change/tweak anything and everything. The great thing about Yogventures compared to something like Minecraft is the new technology the game implements called “Marching Cubes”, meaning you’re not limited to just cubes! You’ve got to see the video below to get an idea of what I’m talking about, it’a almost like you’re free to do anything you want!

At the time I write this the game is still in the very early stages of development, as in still building the engine and actual game stages, so it will be a while before there is anything people are able to play. Once we begin to enter pre-alpha though the community is going to take complete control of the development of the game (well, maybe not complete control, but pretty darn close 😀 ).

The official forums are going to be a melting pot of ideas and suggestions for the game by the community, and the Yogscast & Winterkewl have said they will include the most popular community suggestions. By doing things like running monthly polls asking the community for feedback on all aspects of the game it seems that everyone has a chance to contribute to this amazing game.

Quick Rundown of Planned Features:

  • Randomly generated terrain, different for each world (aka Yogventure)
  • Fully moldable terrain, allowing players to create and destroy everything from oceans to mountains
  • A full inventory of building materials, items, creatures/mobs and NPCs.
  • Crafting system (unknown kind, assumed visual similar to Minecraft)
  • Generated buildings, such as underground tombs, mines, etc.
  • Physics engine that will affect the blocks players place
  • Easy to use modding API and in-game scripting
  • Ability for the community to contribute to the game
  • Regular free updates from the developers and Yogscast

The Kickstarter Event: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/winterkewlgames/yogventures
The Official Site: http://www.winterkewl.com/games/yogscast/



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