Right now Yogventures is still in the early stages of development, before pre-alpha even. Winterkewl and the Yogscast are going to be working on the game engine for approximately 6 months (according to the Kickstarter video), after which point they will start releasing downloads for the Kickstarter backers.

Right now I will be putting whatever free Yogventures related content on here I can find, like the concept art and mirroring the official Yogscast videos.

  • Pre-Alpha Download – Coming Soon?

  • Concept Art Download – 8 files

  • Kickstarter Video Download – 1 file

  • NOTE: I do not claim ownership for any of the files on this page. All Yogventures related material are property of Winterkewl Games, LLC. and The Yogscast.

    • A Yogventures Fan

      I’ll put the rest of the official videos up for download too if you guys want. Just let me know in the comments here 🙂 

      • youngcast

        were are you going to put the vids

    • Natttenathan

      yes do that

      • A Yogventures Fan

         Okay. Give me a few hours 🙂

        • Sandygoetz

          the game look so loly and cool

    • Wrinkledude

      will the yogventures be free

      • Boofan01

        I doubt it because they got pre-orders.

      • A Yogventures Fan

        Don’t think so, the pre-alpha downloads will be for the kickstarter backers only as far as I know. After the game is released I’m pretty sure they’ll be looking to make some money from it 😛

    • cheater2468

      you guys are awsome so the the ne game is gunn be awsome cant wait

    • mikey6616

      will there be another pre-purchase that will include alpha?

      • A Yogventures Fan

        I think that’s pretty likely

        • mikey6616

          Oh thank the heavens god A GIGANTIC weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

    • Olav Soraker

      this game locks cool i want wen byable il buy

    • Olav Soraker

      will israphel be a boss in yogventures? that woud be cool

      • Eviemarlene

        if israphel was the boss i’d call chuck norris 😀

    • diggihole667

      make it so you can download the game

    • diggihole667

      to bad simon wasted all that munny

      • Annjelina

        simon dont buy more joffo cakes, your set for life with the amount of them in your room already :3

        • TheCMaxGuy

          Actually That will last him for about 2 days…

    • Haruc02

      I cant wait for yogventures Pre-Alpha game!!!When it’s be done?

      • Haruc02

        Hi im yor biggest fan!!!I cant wait for yogventures Pre-Alpha game!!!When it’s be done?

        • A Yogventures Fan

           The pre-alpha download should be available for the kickstarter backers around November of this year. Hopefully they’ll surprise us before then though!

        • Annjelina

          many claim the “biggest fan” title of yogscast :3
          certainly u mean ur just a huge fan X3

    • Hameed425

      can I download it

    • Johnny G72

      great game can not wait to beta:)

      • Johnny G72

        you should start to let people download now

      • Patrick10311

        plzz send me a link to download it

    • Richman1298

      when does the yogventures game come out

      • Stankamenytskiy

        They said in about 6 months the official game will come out

    • tomiesv

      please putt a download

      • Patrick10311

        do you have the game yet if you do plzz send me a link to download it

    • yogscastrulez!

      omfg i need to see shadow of israphel part 39 who else cant wait?

      • Annjelina

        why dont you post about the game like everyone else instead of youtube?

    • yogscastrulez!

      Also is there a  download to yogventures yet?

      • Walves360

        no. there still developing it.

        • bob greenwood

          STILL developing

    • Brad

      is it free to play or do you have to buy it to play it

      • Andersom3

        i think you have to pay 

    • collin1122

      this is your game you made it by downloading it from kickstarter lol i want a game like that

    • tomiesv

      want to download free

    • bubara13

      what you cant read pre-alpha download is comin soon ;D

    • Johnny G72

      best game but you copyed it off minecraft

      • Benny0011

         does that matter

    • Vlt138

      can you show a pre realese

    • Racsocampbell

      where can i download the actual pre release?

    • Xjakekyrianx

      cool game i can see a good future for this game

    • oglap

      pleas put alpha out now 🙁 or i will cry and if i cry then i will flood Australia with my tears and they will hate u and rest of world and then they send rockets every where and world explode

    • Jasbar617

      how do u download 🙁

    • Cakenugets

      you noobs you can’t get it free without brakeing the law are you like 7 do you want to get yourself a life in jail also no as you can see many places even this one it comes out jan 2013 so it will not have a download out till than and it will be a pay for it game

      • Xjakekyrianx

        Hey you son of a bitch you are not my mother fucking mother so fuck off.

    • Cakenugets

      also it’s not even bata yet how is he going to put a download and simon did not spend all the cash on jaffas wach the whole vid if you are talking about thank you video if not your are so much of an derp

    • yog-yog-yog-yogcast

      when will the game be ready to be downloaded by yogcast fans around the world……………………………..i know this is going to be EPIC or in other words LEGEND wait for it DAIRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mrceo8

        he did not say yet

      • .:YogsCast4Eva:.

        Its dary not dairy 🙂

    • Guest

      i love to play this game yogcast

    • Maligus12

      cant wait to download it !!!!!!!



    • Kimmizaini

      when will the game be posted on the internet???

    • Guest

      how i can download the game??

    • Meiglesmarty

      me want demo 🙁

    • Roderic

      the game looks fucking awesome meet me on minecraft I am supermarioeric

    • Spikeran

      I’m defiantly setting this website as a favorite

    • Razorblaze

      How do you download the game???

    • Yogscast Biggest Fan


    • Arda

      yoxcast  you  are  the  best  im  your  fan  you  dont   no  me  so  my  name  is  arda   im  so  happy  to  talk  with  you  very  good  I  will  be  your  fan  forever  i  like  dwarfs  so  mutch

    • Patrick10311

      when is your game able to download it really looks cool.could you plzz reply to not a very old kid.
      im not even a teenager i also have minecraft and my own server.but i think your game might be better

    • Patrick10311

      what is your Consept Art Download for and what is the kickstarter video for.

    • Patrick10311

      how can you download the game????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Loganyoung01

      Hi yogcast im from the usa in minnesota a wonderful syate you should come to minnesota for a wile

    • Loganyoung01

      What are you guys talking about its already out

      • Patrick10311

        where do you get it plzz send me a link

    • Pleng2000

      whens it coming out?

    • DerpingCookie

      Free download Plzz

    • Corellanash11

      israphel should be an enemy

      • Rex9821

         you need to have be able to be on evli or good

    • Guest

      Wen gam be download hey simon im are ur bigget fan plz have download link I want doenload im a hug yoxast fan so I shud be givin ecklusive aksess I want pre-pre-alfa donload btw im 6

      • Guest

        I no this gam so col
        Ill pay 10000000 $$$ if I hav too jus too get it
        Btw Iim 6 years old to but im akuolly 6 and 1/2

    • Jaffa cake

      Wil it be free?

    • cookyboys

      this is gonna be aweesome but seananners has took idea and in making a game

    • Mr TrollFace

      Can u add a free full game download for windows 7?
      Can u add a 10 dollar mac game


    • 100Sams

      This game looks amazing! Can’t wait to download the pre-alpha when it becomes available.

    • guest

      make a free trial please no lemited time and please do skyblock for minecraft  also im your biggest fan

      • Mike

        i agree like better than wasting money for pre relise then every update0_0

      • Nickan Fayyazi

        They aren’t the Yogscast, you know.

        • Sammyabravo

          Umm actually they are the yogscast 😛 this is they’re game so Wally they are the yogscast

      • Anon E. Mouse

        Wow, has nobody noticed that this is a fan made website? That means the yogscast DO NOT CHECK THIS.

    • toy_13

      do u still play minecraft?

    • toy_13

      i think u guys are awsome

    • toy_13

      how can i download the game

    • toy_13

      u should play realm of the mad god, israphel is on there

      • Mc Hacker

        iv played dat

        • McHacker

          why u steal my name?

    • Dickheads


    • Hamichael95

      Hey TheYogscast it li=ooks like a really cool game.
      I got to ask a quistion well u make a free version of that game yogventures?

      • Dwarf girl :3


    • Hamichael95


    • Cavnerlovestheyogscast

      i love your youube videos !

    • kayden.aman

      how i get account simon or lewis? -kayden.aman

    • Nikolai Jensen

      hey can you make your own skin in the yogadventures I really want to know if you can?

      • Prycehurley

        They’ll probably have a WoW-style character creation menu, with tall, short, fat, skinny, etc.

    • Jerry

      when will we be able to download yogventures free

    • Pewpew565

      im a fan of of the yogscast i love your videos

    • Shannon Fenger

      when is pre-Alpha coming out

    • Shannon Fenger

      is there going to be more yogventures clips on youtube

    • Michaelnoah717

      put a tria out i love the yogscast 😀

    • guest

      I agree with this two haven’t done skyblock ever,and I’d really like to see that on youtube.plz,can you do it?

      • Nickan Fayyazi

        They aren’t the Yogscast, you know.

    • Mike

      add blocks and bosses to the game and this to fight <===~~~~~~~~~~~ please make a download too!!!!!!! i'm a big yog family fan!!!

    • Sebkrist

      add space rockets so you can to the monn so it is evil creatures like a worme boss 

    • David

      huge fan of yours and you should add tvs and computers into the game

    • David

      you should also put portals to other dimensions like the moon and mars

    • David

      Chuck Norris should really be a boss in the game

      • Luke

        OMG no israphel! OR, OR : SIPS!! epiczzz

    • Lol

      how did they make a game

    • Joexdoran

      FUCK this gayhamofag site

      • Drawf Girl :3

         Go fuck your self

    • Evanatwow

      im waiting for the game

    • Megajay43


    • guest

      PLEASE free download!

    • Kai Czabany

      is it gonna be free or is there a demo?

    • MALEK


    • TheDarko6666

      SIMON AND LEWIS YOUR AWESOME and Hannah and Duncun bye

    • Stelli0s

      i love u guys but i have no money i watch all your vids and love use plz plz plz plz make a free trial use are so awesome i wish i could play 

    • Steelseries97

      I need the Pre-Alpha Download 🙁

    • Poisonous Snow

      This is going to be frigging amazing 

    • Thti

      one day i was wathing youtube then all of the sudden i fell in love with your vids.

    • Dylanerik1301

      i really want yogventures its gana be awesome i know it 

    • Zazuetadiego

      hey u guys sould play maplestory in one of ur videos plz and i love u guys make more videos diggy diggy dwarf
      lol 🙂

      • Nickan Fayyazi

        They aren’t the Yogscast, you know.

    • Deadliestcatch60

      i cannot waaaait im professor grizwald 

    • Deadliestcatch60

      if simon and lewis see this come to Pennsylvania and vist Knobles amusment park

    • supershadowevil

      this is supershadowevil
      herry up or make me a tester

    • Caleb

       want that game

    • ow mush

      iv seen nearly every singgul episode and part of most of your videos

    • ow mush

      also o wait never mind


    • spectra2000

      wen wil yogventures be realized for downlode

    • spectra2000

      were can i downlode the game?

      • DARK

        Are all you people retarded? it isn’t out yet -.- stop asking them…

    • Paula Hammond

      i wach all episodes but can thay  do gta 4 coop tharsno cops in coop but i gust wont to youngcast to see thim play gta 4

    • Paula Hammond

      my sun sad that

    • MinecraftPremiumLuver

      i seriosly want to play this im a big fan of the yogscast


    • murgy

      i am a dwarf and im digging a hole diggy diggy hole hole diggy diggy hole

    • murgy

      yogscast join my server the ip is

    • Travis Payne

      hello and i have a question for you guys. when is the game coming out becuase i love games and im running out off games to play. ive played loads of games and completed most off them please contact me by windows live mail my email is … i would love to help but i dont know how to but please contact me simon and luis

    • Travis Payne

      ps. im getting minecraft on august 25 for my birthday ps.yogcast are the best

      • shley92822212

         i got minecraft on august 25 for my birthday :O

    • Travis Payne

      can i be a dwarf like simon/honeydew

    • Michael6616

      Will the game be digital download or be shipped to my home? please answer because my email got shut down so i cant get the digital download.

    • Bryant Nguyen

      Please put in dragon eggs so when it is old enough to breath fire. You can destroy villages and more.

    • Bryant Nguyen

      And you can raise it to kick ass!!!!!!!!

    • Kodeym

      i love u guys plz hurry up i really want to play it

    • Gus Hunt


    • Gus Hunt


    • Jake Richards

      YOU GUYS ARE GODS!!!!!!!!!! LEGENDS!!!!!!!!!!

    • that guy

      O_O O-O 0-o epic E-P-I-C

    • AethanBeaudry

      diggy diddy hole!

    • Happy Adjustable Spanners

      Love you guys hope the pre-realse comes out soon!

    • Kaden

      🙂 yogscast number1

    • Longfoley

      can you make it free please =)

    • Matthewwinans10

      Make a free trial please I would like to try it out:D

      • Nickan Fayyazi

        They aren’t the Yogscast, you know.

      • jackson and winston

        yes please release a free trial

        • Fallon

          I don’t think this is an official website…

          • WilliamWorld Inc

            It isnt.

            • Jed

              “NOTE: I do not claim ownership for any of the files on this page. All Yogventures related material are property of Winterkewl Games, LLC. and The Yogscast.”


            • Name

              technically all rights went to the yogscast

      • zachary

        me too

    • Braydenhuynh25

      i like this game
      it is from the yogscast

    • Pdproulx

      put a free download i ant to play the game but i dont have that much money pllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yogcast- paul

    • Jnuty82

      i want a free download or ill dye

      • timtv123


        • titties


    • Jaffaman

      Hi im caleb and i want a free download!

    • Sr Jreza

      when is Coming Soon?

    • Kyle Toshiro Liptrott

      Wow soooo cool going to get it when pre alpha comes out!!!!!

    • DJKingMol

      dis waiting sucks ass

    • iamawesome

      me cant wait 4 download

    • ethan mccowan

      can u even dowload it i cant find were and how did u get all the mods and whats your texture pack on minecraft

    • Toothfaceclown

      is it goinig to be for xbox360 and can you make your own skin cause i want 2

    • Toothfaceclown

      Can you put yogventures on xbox360 and make your own skin please

    • Toothfaceclown

      Can you please put it on xbox360 and be able to make your own skin

      • lonewolf88

        i don’t think there into console gameing that much and why the 360 lol theres going to be a 720 soon that would be a stupid move and i say it stays on pc and only pc when evere something like this goes on a console its terrible

    • lighter123

      im your biggest fan and i want to buy the game for free plz make a free version

    • faceplant1000

      please make a free trial more people will play

    • Dervish

      I think it would be a great idea to add other members of the yogscast like Duncan, Hannah, Sips, and Sjinto the game as playable.

    • Justasawesome

      i would like a nice full game and without multyplayer download but notfree is with multyplayer

    • theuniteddead

      please check my utube at

    • Jl2010

      i am a dwarf and i am digging a hole digging digy hole and honeydew is a dwarfin friend to me longbeard and bronezb

    • Longbeard

      i am yogscast number one i watched all videos and i am a dwarf and my name is longbeard

    • NexusNinja

      IS this free

    • Chambre100

      i cant wait to get the game

    • Thomasharvey021

      I would prefer it on pc but it would be good 360 and u should be able to make your own skin

    • Thomasharvey021

      pleas lower the price i dont have that much money

    • Thomasharvey021

      make a demo

    • yogscast number 1 fan

      please put up a free version I’m only 10 and I don’t get any money so I can’t get it plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz make a free version

      • Graininghail

        then save up your pocket money and if u dont get pocket money tough luck

    • Jackson

      when will the proper game out

    • the yog sidekick

      free download plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz you roollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll guys

      • the yog sidekick

        i am 10 no money

    • Slenderman

      Yogscast are the best! I have seen all of your video’s your so cool please make a free demo of the game thanks From the guy that’s standing behind you !!!!

    • TehBeast

      Are you guys not reading? Pre-Alpha Download-Coming Soon? That will have to be free because it is against the law to charge people for an unfinished game. Kinda like how people got Minecraft A while ago but all they had to do was update to the full game when it came out. While others bought it after.

    • BlueXephos is pro

      can you please make a free trial, so people that might not like it won’t spend there money on it

    • james

      so cool i really hope yogventures is for mac if it wasnt il be sad D’:

    • james


    • james


    • james

      i <3 you guy 🙂 (smirky smile)
      jk 🙂

    • james

      <3 you:)

    • james

      btw lewis looks gay wit that laser thing in pic 🙂 (sorry lewis) AND FOR GODS SAKE WHO STOLE ALL OF MY JAFFA CAKES

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    • Simon the jaffa monster

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      can t you make a free game plese i wana try out…:D 😀 😀

    • LuckyStrike49

      PLEASE have a 1 week or more Free, so we atleast can try it? PLEASE!!!!

    • xephosisawesome

      Hey I’m your biggest fan and I would love if you made a skyblock series and a firefall lets play series pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

    • Xephosisawesome

      Hey, if you want to know everything about your tekkit server watch tekkit with duncan. Sorry but I don’t
      remember on wich episode he starts recording on your server

    • Xephosisawesome

      You n00b’s! you have a two tunnels going under the sips_ co fence. One in the workshed and one in the
      factory! Anyway you should go and spy them. To get to the main sips_ co, you go behind the factory and
      then in that direction. They’ve got hell of a lot more than you do. Oh and balls to the fact they own the

    • n00b


    • Xephosisawesome

      Duncan’s making a tekkit caste!

    • n00b


    • SpylyJoe

      ITS Just started making the game should be free until a surtan update but people who got it when i was free keep it for free nd people who dint pay like Minecraft

    • wushu

      when is shadow of israphel to be continued

    • JAYLOON606

      i am a big fa of heygcas so this must be a epic game i wanna get this game



      AND BRING DOWN THE YOGSCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bobnumb

      how do you sign in

    • james morson

      make a trial soon plz

    • rovellard

      how about on android and apple phones

    • ProHUNT10

      is the pre alpha free it will be good if it is and if not please please :d make a demo

    • my dick

      what he said

    • Michael Donovan

      I love you yogscast but can’t you make a free trial thanks 😀

    • guest

      i, myself, am a HUGE yogscast fan and i think that for the castles there should be characters like king finbar, israphel, of course, & also daisy duke that the player would have to rescue in survival mode
      + there should also be something like… genders (male & female), and maybe u can also play as a froog too! (exp. serve under direct orders to the froog king, fend of Honeydew & Xephos, etc.)

      • Tommy Middleton

        Israphel should definitely be a boss fight.

    • bluexphoes

      me too i like that idea

    • joseph costa

      I willl buy it will give it thums up!!!!

    • GeezerBean

      Is Yogventures coming out on Mac or just PC?

    • fishyboy


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    • Double22Crosser

      Wish it would come out sooner!

    • Minecraftpupi

      I need this to live O.o I NEED THIS GAME!

    • Collin

      Me 2!

    • Collin


    • Josef

      You guys are epic I watch your vids every day you guys are hilarious

    • Josef

      Also make a free trial pls

    • Iarla Burke

      why isn’t it out yet??? it looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean they said “end of summer” like, it’s AUTUMN!!!
      ps. pease don’t give nasty replies, :-/

    • patrik

      when are u going to make demo or smoething or where can i buy yogventures

    • Fyloket

      Theres gonna be like more weapons than borderlands 2, one of them going to be named the Simon Hole-inator!

    • derpysquid

      lets have it free though you could make a whole ton of jaffas of a this

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      how do i download this awsome game

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    • loafboy

      i am yogscastrules

    • loafboy


    • loafboy

      simon YOU RULE

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      you suck bitches

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      CoolGame Cant wait ToPlay,I love the yogscast

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      wow this look nice and fun

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      come on free download please simon and lewis and chris and duncan and hana and nilesy and rythian and sjin and sips and zoey and teep and many more please

    • BillD

      Character creation would be fokin amazin!

    • jake

      so what do u download?

    • aj7887

      pls make a trail so people can try use if they buy it and dont like sorry for bad spelling.pps love your shadow of israphel vids.

    • Iarla Burke

      why no download yet??????????

    • jhon

      yes a free trial pls i like fun

    • EDDY123

      FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!!!

    • fariba

      i icant make an acount on the yogscast website please make me an acount with the name of fariba and my email is

    • connor

      i am a HUGE fan of yours especially minecraft and garry,s mod do more videos about it also add a time machine to yogventures and a clone machine

    • – –

      Please make a trail mode it looks fun and i want to try it out.

    • Dbwhite

      I cant wait to blow crap up

    • fan

      you guys are amazing plaese make a free trial i beg u im gona die if u dont

    • fan

      diggy diggy hole i am a dwarf and im digging a hole

    • make tf2 vids

      hey could you plz make more tf2 videos and better ones not ones of you dining plz cause its borin and beter klass ok

    • the#1yognaut

      please try making a demo soon i want to try
      and me me me me me i am the biggest fan of the yogscast
      you can beat me how hard u try

    • brian botandi

      make a free trial, i wunna playyy

    • maikls userovskis

      Make a free trial world which you can play in multilayer

    • Herobrine

      …and from where I can download beta (at last) ?

    • PleaseDude

      Please make it free until atleast like 10 uptades!

    • Sam

      Yogscast is the best! – Who agrees with me?

    • Shaztrot

      A bit confused, here…I kickstarted way back, and I have no clue as to how one would actually get to the game…

    • Tate Parry

      you should make a demo

    • Tygatodd2000

      when is shados of israfel coming

    • Heatinator

      it should be released its 2013

    • king_josho

      please make a free trial i am waiting

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    • pandastar007

      please make an free trial i like yogventures soooooooooo much also that is my dog lol (such a poser)

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    • j1r2000

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      1 year later…

    • Mike

      why the hell hasnt it came out yet

    • kai mooney

      i want to download it =( *sad face*

    • the yogscast fan3000

      make a free trail make a download make the game free do anything that’s free

    • oscar

      i whant yogventures but how do i download it

    • Sas Hunter

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      yogscast!!!!!!!!make it freeill do anything i willgive youl my life time supplie of jaffa cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Honeydew

      guys its me simon yes we do actually check this website

    • Honeydew

      a free trial is coming soon

    • Honeydew

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      This will be the official Best Yogs-game EVER!!!!

    • zach


    • Tom Gallaher

      make the god damned game already u got funded a couple years ago hurry up ya basterds ur makin us and simon very sad

    • Stephen Butler

      Its 2014. Dafuq happened?!?!

    • Sebastain

      where da game



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